Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Its Summer time 2011

With the festival of Holi just past us, the summer has begun with a bang!

Its time to keep all your winter clothes and blankets deep inside your cupboards, shelves, bags, etc (generally how Mumbaites like to store their belongings). Time to experiment with your clothing a little bit... give away the old and bring in the new and colorful ones.

The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan has been a cause for sorrow and lowered our enthusiasm, however I am hopeful that things will improve and we will recover from the grim situation.

Looking forward to life and its little adventures that keep us going and with all the cricket that is happening... there is also so much of excitement to live for. The good news is that... by the time the cricket (WC+IPL) overload is over we will be near the end of May and time to soak the summer with some cool rains that follow in the first week of June :)

So fasten your seat belts as we take this ride in to Summer of 2011. Be prepared for exciting times in the next 3 months (covering mar-apr-may-june), where we can visit places of adventure, meet old friends and make new ones, renew old hobbies and invent new again, be good citizens and take care of the underprivileged.

Till we meet again, take care!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

November Chill

After a rather comfortable October which saw festivities and cricket watching at an unusual high, we are in to a chilly November. And what a start it has had... Cyclone Phyan (what an unusual name!) threatened to inflict a lot more damage to the city of Mumbai than it did.

The Cyclone brought some relief though, in the form of rains and the city was sheltered from the heat with a consistent cloud cover over 3 days. Hope the water-supply situation has improved now even as notices were found floating with more bad news for frequent bathers (just a day before the cyclone made it intentions clear).

I really hope the chill continues till the end of the year 2009... and what an year it has been!! The fast changing climate conditions now underscores that we should stop thinking of any month belonging to a particular season. In short it would be... stark sunny, raining cats and dogs, or wintry cold at any given day of any given month. So Mumbaites do not be surprised if we have a snow cover in the city this Winter!!

Let us hope for the best, take care - Cheers.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beginning of Monsoon "Season 2"?

Amid dark reports of a monsoon that is way below normal, we are in to an October which has begun with uncharacteristic rains. Floods have inundated 4 states disrupting normalcy. Reports also keep coming in on the typhoon in Philippines and stories of nature's fury in the Pacific.

So is it a time to pray for more rains or wish for no more?? The scarcity of drinking water that flows down our taps would make us do the former but the prospect of another episode of 7/26/05 in Mumbai has us hoping for the latter.

I would hope for the rains to continue pouring in to Mumbai in a moderate manner so that the dams are always full and we are not told time and again of the deficit in water levels. Also, we would have less pollution woes, less hot climate, wetter festivities and hopefully good health.

What say you?